The building blocks of resilience

Welcome to The Science of Raising them Resilient, where we break down the research about preparing our children for tomorrow. In this episode, we explore why resilience has become such a popular topic in parenting and look at some of the ways that parents can prepare their children for life’s challenges.

For more on how you can raise them resilient, check out the other videos in the series below. Or to learn more about Aptamil Toddler, which has been formulated to support growing toddlers build their resilience, visit our product page here.

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Is dirt your toddler’s best friend?

Children today spend half the time outdoors that their parents did. See why it’s important to get them back outside and getting dirty in this episode of The Science of Raising them Resilient.

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Why playtime is prime time for development

Looking for ways to keep the kids entertained without picking up a screen? Discover five fun brain games in this episode of The Science of Raising them Resilient.

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Meet the experts

Casey Beros

Health Journalist

Casey Beros is a recognised health journalist, TV presenter and content producer. Having partnered with many of Australia’s leading health organisations, Casey understands the health landscape in Australia like few others, and as a mum is able to address the lifestyle issues facing everyday Australian parents. 

Nik Loveridge

Aptamil Toddler Health Science Expert

Nik Loveridge is a dietitian and father of three who, in his role as Head of Medical Affairs for Nutricia ANZ, has worked across a number of areas in nutrition. This includes preterm/term infants, toddlers, and nutrition for specific conditions such as allergies, gastro-intestinal and metabolic conditions. Having worked in the UK and Amsterdam, with the latter a global industry role, Nik has a worldwide view on the research and trends in parenting.

Dr Fiona Martin

Child Psychologist

Dr Fiona Martin is a leading child psychologist with extensive experience in the assessment and treatment of a wide range of difficulties, including developmental, learning, emotional, behavioural and attentional difficulties. She regularly appears in the media and is known for her practical approach to parenting. 

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