Where can I find more information about these changes?

Please contact our Careline for more information. Ph AU: 1800 438 500 Ph NZ: 0800 438 500 Email: nutriciacareline@danone.com Live Chat: Click the ‘Chat’ button to the bottom right of screen. Our Careline team is available at following times: AU: Mon to Fri 6.30am – 5pm (AEST) NZ: Mon to Fri 8.30am – 7pm

Where do we source our A2 Protein Milk?

The key ingredient of Karicare Gold+ A2 Protein Milk for Toddlers is a very simple one, fresh dairy milk. Five farms located in the cool, green Otago region of New Zealand’s South Island are the primary suppliers. These farms exclusively milk cows that have a special gene, meaning they produce milk that contains the A2 […]

What is Karicare Gold+ A2 Protein Toddler Milk?

Karicare Gold+ A2 Protein Toddler Milk is a premium formulation, sourced from carefully selected NZ cows which exclusively produce the A2 beta-casein protein. In addition to A2 protein milk, the new Karicare Gold+ Toddler formulation contains: 16 vitamins and minerals: one serve provides 16-50% of the RDI of 16 essential vitamins and minerals Omega-3 DHA […]

How is A2 Protein Milk different from a standard cows’ milk?

Milk contains both whey and casein proteins. Casein proteins come in different varieties including a specific type called beta-casein. Cows’ milk can contain up to 12 types of beta-casein! The relevant types of beta-casein in cows’ milk are A1 and A2.   The breed of the cow determines what types of beta-casein are contained in […]

What has changed for Karicare Gold+?

Karicare Gold+ Toddler has now been updated with a new visual identity and new recipe. Whilst still having the same trusted New Zealand goodness you know and love, our product now contains A2 beta-casein protein from cows’ milk instead of both A1 and A2 beta-casein found in standard cows’ milk.