Simple ways to help with your little ones fussy eating


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Simple ways to help with fussy eating

In this episode of Bottled Up, Helani and Anuradha’s searches and messages revealed that their toddler Anara is a fussy eater, with a preference for white coloured food. Anara will pick around any food with even the slightest bit of colour, and hides what she doesn’t want under her plate, hoping her Mum and Dad won’t notice.Feeding issues are common amongst young children, and usually nothing to worry about. White foods, and other foods high in carbohydrates are especially popular for growing, active children.As your little one grows, they will naturally start to experiment more with food, and their fussy eating will improve.In the meantime, while they learn these essential skills, here are some tips to help.

Kari-Tips for fussy eaters:

  • Give your little one lots of different colours and variety and don’t worry if they eat it all. By giving them a bit of everything, your child gets to try different foods at their own pace.
  • Try not to get frustrated and trust that If they’re hungry, they will eat. Set a time limit and when the time is up, take the food away.
  • When they’re doing something you’re not happy with – like throwing food – try not to react. Instead, give plenty of positive reinforcement when they’re doing something good – like putting the food in their mouth.

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