Webinar: Cows’ milk protein allergy and functional gastrointestinal complaints in infants

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Key takeaways

In this webinar, Dr Mário Vieira and Dr Rosan Meyer unpack:

  • the key differences between CMPA and Functional Gastrointestinal Disorders (FGIDs) to promote timely and correct diagnosis and management;
  • the efficacy of medications in management of symptoms;
  • the role of the GI microbiota in CMPA and FGIDs;
  • and optimal nutritional management for CMPA and FGIDs.

Diagnosing CMPA and FGIDs can be challenging due to overlapping symptoms that are common to both conditions. Timely diagnosis can significantly improve outcomes and reduce infant and parental distress. Learn practical tips from leading experts in the field on how to correctly diagnose CMPA and FGIDs, and optimal nutritional management options for the respective conditions.

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