Inside Out: The Gut And Allergy Paradigm - Three-part Podinar Series

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Tune in, sit back, and relax while watching gastroenterology and allergy experts from across Australia and New Zealand having practical discussions on the gut microbiome and its implications for allergy management. Interact with leading experts in the field through live Q&A sessions as they deep dive on hot topics and discuss patient case studies. 

What is a ‘podinar’? 
A podinar is an educational seminar that is facilitated through peer-to-peer learning and combines elements of both podcasts and webinars in a unique new format.

Episode 1: Who, What, Where, When, Why And How? Unpacking The Gut Microbiome

Key takeaways

  • Practical advice on considerations for children presenting with a range of gastrointestinal symptoms (based on clinical case study)
  • Clinician perspectives on diagnosing conditions that involve symptoms that span across the immune, skin and the gastrointestinal systems
  • Tips on providing advice to parents and example questions to ask parents to understand more about medical and dietary history of patients
  • Advice on managing food exclusions in clinical practice as part of a multidisciplinary approach
  • Practical recommendations for the dietary management of food allergy (cows’ milk protein allergy) – AU and NZ clinical insights

This episode focused on gut microbiome development during infancy; the importance of nutrition in the first 1000 days; factors that influence early gut colonization and its impact on health status in later life. 

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This episode was part of a three-episode series, to catch up on the other two episodes, click through on the links below.

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Epsiode 2: What Is Gut Dysbiosis And Is It the Missing Link?


Epsiode 3: The Case For Biotics & Its Impact On The Gut Microbiome

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