Impacting Health in the New Norm with Specialised Nutrition

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The Nutricia Virtual Conference ‘Impacting Health in the New Norm with Specialised Nutrition’ was held on Saturday 22nd May 2021. It was a great event with 60 international speakers, including 5 from Australia and New Zealand and over 40,000 registered healthcare professionals. There were a range of topics across the full life cycle, of particular interest for allergy were indepth presentations on symptom awareness and treatment for cows’ milk protein allergy and supporting breastfeeding in cows’ milk allergic infants.

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The Nutricia Global Virtual Conference featured over 60 international experts, including 5 from Australia and New Zealand covering a range of topics across paediatric and adult lifecycle in today’s healthcare landscape. Sessions include education and insight into innovative approaches to understanding and managing CMPA in infants. This event offered 20 CPD points that can be claimed by healthcare professionals.

Example of what was available on the day:

    • Professor Hans van Goudoever presents on myths surrounding Breastfeeding and COVID-19.  
    • A Practical View of Cow’s Milk Protein Diagnosis with Dr Mario Vieira.  
    • Dr Mario Vieira will also present Synbiotics in Allergy Management: Gut microbiome & immune defense in CMA. 
    • Professor Paula Ravasco presents New guidelines on nutritional therapy as an integral part of the cancer care. 

*Please note that times and speakers are subject to change without notice.