Introducing the NEW LOOK OpTri Bottle

Now available across the entire Nutrini Range Same Great Product

At Nutricia, we work hard to ensure patients receive the best nutritional support. We’re committed to continuously improving our products for better usability, better safety, and to be better for the planet. That is why our enteral pack feed products have undergone a packaging transformation in to the OpTri bottle.The OpTri bottle has been designed to make feeding easier for patients and carers, healthcare professionals and facilities. It’s user friendly, more hygienic and made using reclaimable and recyclable material.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the feed formula change with the introduction of the OpTri bottle?
The label looks different on the OpTri bottle.
Can a Flocare Infinity Gravity Set be used with the OpTri bottle?
Can a Flocare Infinity Pack Set be used with the OpTri bottle?
Can a Flocare Infinity Bottle Set be used with the OpTri bottle?
Is the OpTri bottle recyclable?
Can the OpTri bottle be used as an open or closed system?
Is a bolus adaptor required to decant feed when used as an open system?
How should the OpTri bottle feed be stored once opened?
What is the hanging time for the OpTri bottle?
How should the volume marker on the side of the bottle be used?
Is the OpTri bottle fully compatible with all Nutricia medical devices and accessories?
Does the OpTri bottle fit on the Infinity Drip Stand?
Does the OpTri bottle fit in the Flocare Backpacks?
Can the OpTri bottle be washed and re-used?
Will the number of products per carton change with the OpTri bottle?
Is OpTri more expensive to purchase?

Always follow the directions for use.

If you have any further questions regarding the OpTri Bottle update, please contact our Careline team on 0800 438 500 (Weekdays 9am-5pm NZT).