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Breast milk is our inspiration for nutritional solutions that drive healthy immune development

Human milk oligosaccharides (HMOs) are the third largest component of breast milk with around 200 different structures working together to support the immune system through the gut.1,2

HMO’s have a prebiotic effect and stimulate the growth and activity of beneficial bacteria.3–6

In breastfed infants, the intestinal microflora is dominated by Bifidobacteria and Lactobacilli. This microbial pattern produces beneficial effects on intestinal function and on the development of the immune system.2,7

nutritional composition of breast milk

Given the presence and important role of both HMOs in breast milk, and recognising that breast feeding is not always possible, ways to positively support the development of the microbiota of formula fed infants by the introduction of pre- and probiotics to the diet have been sought.

Nutricia understands that early life nutrition can have lifelong consequences and is committed to continued focus and scientific expertise into the composition of breast milk and the associated benefits.

40 years research, >40 clinical studies & >90 publications

For formula fed infants Nutricia has developed a prebiotic blend scGOS:lcFOS in a 9:1 ratio specifically designed to closely reflect the quantity, diversity and functionality of HMOs in breast milk.8–11

HMO vs Nutricia’s prebiotic oligosaccharide

Studies have shown that infant formulas supplemented with Nutricia’s prebiotic oligosaccharide blend are able to promote a gut microbiota profile similar to that of breast-fed infants.12–14

Subsequent clinical trials have demonstrated that infant formula supplementation with these prebiotic oligosaccharides during the first 6 months of life results in a reduction in infections and allergic symptoms which is maintained beyond the intervention period, leading researchers to conclude that these ingredients seem to be effectively able to prime the immune system in a balanced way.14–17

Reduce incidence of allergic symptoms at 2 years of age 13,15,16 at 0.8g/100mL scGOS/lcFOS (9:1) when introduced in the first 6 months of life

Reduce incidence of allergic symptoms

Adapted from Arslanoglu S et al., 2008.16

Reduce incidence of allergic symptoms at 5 years of age 13,14,16,17

Research of allergic symptoms at 5 years of age

Our Aptamil Range of products contain Nutricia’s prebiotic oligosaccharides going beyond symptom relief to nutritionally support the immune system in early life.


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BREAST MILK IS BEST FOR BABIES: Professional advice should be followed before using an infant formula. Introducing partial bottle feeding could negatively affect breast feeding. Good maternal nutrition is important for breast feeding and reversing a decision not to breast feed may be difficult. Infant formula should be used as directed. Proper use of an infant formula is important to the health of the infant. Social and financial implications should be considered when selecting a method of feeding. Infant Formula product for special dietary use to be used under medical supervision. This product is not suitable for general use.