Lorenzo’s Oil

Adult, Pediatrics

  • For use in the dietary management of children and adults with inborn errors of protein metabolism who are unable to meet their energy requirements with permitted food and formula.
  • Lorenzo’s Oil is usually given in conjunction with a low fat diet restricting hexacosanoic acid (C26:0).
  • Due to the restricted nature of the diet, it may be necessary to supplement the diet with a source of essential fatty acids such as walnut oil.
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500ml 80732 12
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Product Information

Lorenzo’s Oil is a blend of Glycerol Trioleate (GTO) and Glycerol Trierucate (GTE) oils.

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Direction of Use

The following instructions should be followed carefully to ensure that Lorenzo’s Oil remains in optimum condition.

  1. Remove bottle from refrigerator and leave at room temperature (approximately 21°C) for 1 hour before use.
  2. Shake bottle very well until white sediment is evenly distributed through the bottle.
  3. Remove the daily dose and return bottle to refrigerator.
  4. The daily dose should be kept in a sealed container in the dark e.g. a dark cupboard, at room temperature and taken throughout the day as instructed by the clinician or dietitian. Shake well before use, to ensure minimal wastage of white sediment.
  • Store in a refrigerator and once opened, use within one month.
  • Always replace container lid after use.