PKU Lophlex Powder

Adult, Paediatrics

  • For use in the dietary management of proven PKU in children from 3 years and adults, including pregnant women.
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Flavour Size Code Units Per Carton Pharmacode
Neutral 28g 152284 30 2642999
Berry 28g 152282 30 2593882
Orange 28g 152283 30 2593890
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Product Information

A powder free from phenylalanine, but containing a balanced mixture of the other essential and non-essential amino acids, vitamins, trace elements and some minerals.

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  • Contains Phe-free protein (amino acids), carbohydrate, essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements.
  • Very low volume –1 sachet (28g) made up to just 80ml of liquid provides a whole 20g of protein equivalent (PE)!.
  • Very low calorie – only 91 calories per 20g PE.
  • Ideal to use while traveling as an alternative to liquids.
Direction of Use
  • Water or diluted drinks should be offered/taken at the same time as PKU Lophlex.
  • To ensure tolerance, PKU Lophlex may initially need to be introduced at a lower concentration.
  • To prepare PKU Lophlex, pour 65ml of cold water into a container with a screw top lid.
  • Empty the contents of the sachet into the container.
  • Seal and shake well until the powder is dissolved.
  • PKU Lophlex is best served chilled and consumed immediately.
  • Store in a cool dry place.