Flocare® Infinity™ III Pump

A portable enteral feeding pump, designed for controlling the delivery rate of enteral feeds into the gastrointestinal tract
  • Colour display
  • Water resistant
  • Ultrasonic air bubble detection
  • Upstream and downstream occlusion detection
  • Flow rate 1-600ml/h in 1ml increments
  • Dose feature 1-3500ml/h in 1ml increments
  • Lithium ion battery 3.7V DC 3200 mAh, 6-hour charging time
  • 24-hour battery life
  • Extensive audio and visual alarms
  • 1-touch manual priming to prepare the set
  • Keypad can be locked
  • Continuous memory of feeding program and volume delivered
  • Accuracy flow rate of +/- 5% with appropriate Flocare Infinity pump giving set
  • Unique information button with onscreen advice
  • Suitable for both adult and paediatric use

Product Information

A portable enteral feeding pump, designed for controlling the delivery rate of enteral feeds into the gastrointestinal tract.

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Flocare® InfinityTM III Pump


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Frequently asked questions:

The Infinity III allows intermittent feeding as well as Volume/Rate and Rate only feeding. You can program up to three personalised therapies and review your feeding history over thirty days.

Alarms 9 alarms Intuitive full set of alarms with enhanced user interface
Personalised Therapies n/a Three personalised therapy settings individual to patient’s regime
1. Continuous
2. Bolus
3. Intermittent with time intervals
Maximum flow rate 400mls 600mls
Patient feed history 24hrs data retained 30 days data retained
Languages English Only 18 Languages

Yes. If used in conjunction with Nutricia reservoir feed and Flocare Infinity sets, the Flocare Infinity does not require a dripstand as the system is non-air dependent and will pump all the feed from a reservoir in any position. If any other feeding reservoir is used and not the Nutricia feeding reservoir, then a drip stand and venting system (e.g. bottle set) will be necessary.

Yes. The Flocare Infinity III pump has a new memory feature, which means that it will store all administered therapies for a maximum period of 30 days, as well as the amount of fluid administered since the progress bar was last cleared. Information on alarms is also stored but needs a special data cable to access information.

You can use the Flocare Infinity feeding sets with the Flocare Infinity III pump. Flocare Infinity feeding sets contain a patented pump insert, which is key to ensure the pumps’ accuracy and alarm functions. Nutricia has a wide range of Infinity sets available to ensure compatibility with various Nutrition feeding reservoirs.

12ml of feed is pumped during priming when the ‘fill set’ button is depressed for 2 seconds then released. This amount should fill the Flocare Mobile Pack set (the shortest set in the range). The feed will stop just short of the end of all other Flocare sets as all other sets are slightly longer than the mobile set.

Fully charged battery life is 24 hours at 125ml/hr. For higher or lower feeding rates the battery life will differ accordingly. It takes approximately 6 hours to completely recharge the Infinity pump.

The Flocare Infinity III is equipped with Lithium/Ion battery technology and needs to be fully charged for a period of 6 hours prior to first use, this will maximise the battery life time. The battery microprocessor continuously monitors the battery state of health and the pump will warn the user when the battery is depleted to 70% or more and needs replacement.

Battery age 125mL/h
1 year 24 hrs
2 year 24 hrs
3 year 20 hrs
4 year 16 hrs
5 year 12 hrs
70% depleted 7.2 hrs  

Note: The battery capacity is an estimate. If you are unsure that enough battery capacity remains for your intended therapy, connect to the AC power adapter until recharged.

Flocare Infinity pump sets are fitted with an anti-free flow device for optimal safety. This kind of device means there is no possibility of feed accidentally flowing through the set if it is not loaded correctly into the pump and the pump is working.

For this reason, it is not possible to gravity feed using the Flocare Infinity pump set.