6 common concerns you may have about your baby

Even healthy babies can have feeding and digestion problems. Misunderstanding the signs and treating the symptoms can get in the way of a happy household. Luckily, the solution is often simple!
Here we look at 6 common concerns parents face, with uncomplicated insights and tips on how you can help your baby (and yourself).
Have you ever found it difficult to find answers to questions about your baby’s feeding and digestion?
You’re certainly not alone – feeding problems can occur anytime, day or night, and it’s hard to find straightforward advice when you need it, even in the age of the internet. Whether it’s winding your baby or reducing the mess from milk spills, we’re here to help with the essentials.
1. Colic
2. Wind worries
3. Hard or irregular poo
4. ‘Spilling’ milk after feeds
5. Mum, I’m still hungry
6. Waking up in the night
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