How do I help my baby with colic?

It can be very stressful to watch your baby in pain. There are a number of things you can try to help soothe your baby and make him/her more comfortable which are outlined below; however, it is important to remember that colicky symptoms often resolve themselves and are a normal part of the developing baby.

Things you can try to make a colicky baby more comfortable include:

  • Smaller and more frequent feeds – an over-supply might be causing gas or belly pain
  • Use tummy time – the gentle pressure of lying on her belly could help to push out trapped gas
  • The ‘football hold’ – carry her face-down with her body on your forearm and her chin cradled in your elbow, which is similar to tummy time.
  • The ‘colic curl’ position – place your baby’s head and back against your chest and encircle your arms under her bottom. Then, move your arms up gently to curl her into a ball.
  • Warm water bottle – wrap a warm (not hot!) water bottle in a cloth nappy and gently place it on her tummy to help her relax.
  • Warm bath – climb into a warm bath with your little one. It could help to soothe and relax both of you.
  • Infant massage – gently rub her tummy in a clockwise motion and then pull your hands down the curve of the belly to relieve gas pressure.
  • Bicycle baby’s legs – bicycling your baby’s legs in a circular motion can help to release gas trapped lower in their abdomen.
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