How to improve resilience in your toddler?

Resilience is a characteristic we should strive to cultivate in children. Broadly, it ithe ability to confront challenges and negative experiences and emerge on the other side with positive changes. While some children will naturally be more adept at handling tough scenarios than others, resilience is in fact a learned skill, and all children can benefit from learning resilience skills and lessons. Developing resilience skills allows them to navigate the everyday challenges of daily life, and it also lays the foundations for tackling bigger problems as they grow older. From starting school, to moving to a new house or the death of a family pet, resilience is a necessary trait for moving through life’s highs and lows. The Children’s Resilience Research Project, a guide developed in conjunction with Beyond Blue to assist practitioners to promote resilience, describes resilience as a learned quality that can change over timeSo, as your child grows, how can you improve your little one’s ability to be resilient? 

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