How to introduce solids and allergens to your baby?

Start to introduce solid foods around 6 months, but not before 4 months, when your baby is ready. If possible continue to breastfeed your baby while you are introducing solid foods.

New research suggests it is best to introduce all major allergen foods (like the ones listed above) before 12 months of age. Nut and treenut butters are easiest and if you’re not sure which foods contain which allergens, ask your nutritionist, dietitian or doctor.

Delayed introduction of allergens (waiting until over 1 year) has been shown to be a potential cause of life long allergies or more severe allergies.

The one main allergenic food to avoid until after 12 months is honey and this is to do with botulism risk rather than the honey itself.

If your baby has an existing allergy, talk to your doctor about how to introduce other allergenic foods safely. For more information, you can also refer to the ASCIA information on how to introduce solid foods to babies for allergy prevention –

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