What are baby milestones at 6 months?

Easing into solid foods, developing a tighter grip and become more and more mobile mark the development of your 6-month old baby, who will also start to understand what you’re saying.

Your little one will become slowly more independent as they learn to move around by themselves. As sitting confidence grows, your bub may start to crawl, pull themselves up to a standing position or slide around on their bottom. Now’s the time to move all those precious vases out of reach, and make sure access to cupboards and stairs are secure.

Remember that crawling happens at different times for different babies, and may never happen at all. Continue spending time with your little one at floor level, encouraging rolling, crawling, reaching and grasping. With a strengthening grip, babies also now realise how much fun it is to let things drop (especially with a full spoon of pureed mince). Grin and bear it; it’s your bub’s way of discovering the world.

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