When do babies start playing?

Babies grow up in the blink of an eye. The first 24 months are crucial. You can support their development on all levels: physical, intellectual, and psychological. This is the phase where they gain consciousness of their own bodies, through movement and play. And it doesn’t take much to keep them stimulated. All you need are objects that are readily available at home and some quality time.

Games you can play with our baby in the first 6 months include gently rub your baby’s body and arms with different fabrics and have them smell different scents. You can strengthen their neural connections by caressing their skin with silk, wool, cotton, and fluffy fabrics. Introduce them to different scents like orange, vanilla, and lavender.

Place a toy in front of your baby and then hide it. After hiding it, ask “I wonder where it’s gone?” and ask “Is it over here, over there?” as you search for it. Watch the baby’s reactions. Watch their development every time you play this game. Will their eyes dart over to the place you hid the toy, or will they try to scoot over there?

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