Which modern cloth nappies are best for your baby?

Flat cloth nappies: A single layer fabric square – usually terry towelling, hemp or bamboo – which require some origami-style folding to fit your little one, before being safely secured with clips. A waterproof cover is pulled on over the top to prevent any spills from escaping.
Pre-folds: Very similar to a flat cloth nappy but with multiple layers, pre-folds are typically made from cotton or bamboo. They’re easily folded into three and then placed inside a waterproof cover.
Fitted cloth nappies: Elasticated at the waist and legs, fitted cloth nappies go on the same way as a disposable nappy, fastening with Velcro or press studs. Although super absorbent, they still need to be worn underneath a waterproof cover.
Pocket nappies: Pocket nappies feature a waterproof cover with a pocket between the outer shell and soft inner layer (typically made from microfleece) which wicks away moisture. Absorption pads are ‘stuffed’ into the pocket and then removed and replaced as needed.
All-in-twos: A cross between pocket nappies and all-in-ones, absorption pads are ‘snapped’ into and out of the all-in-twos’ waterproof cover.
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