Karicare Toddler Milk 12+ Months is a nutritious milk drink specially formulated for toddlers aged one year and older. Each box contains 4 single-serve sachets.

As a parent, you want peace of mind your little one is getting the essential vitamins and minerals that help contribute to their normal growth and development.

Karicare Toddler Milk 12+ Months contains 16 vitamins and minerals. It‘s enriched with calcium and Vitamin D for normal teeth and bone structure, as well as iron for normal immune system function*. It also contains omega-3 DHA fatty acids*.

*When the product is consumed as part of a healthy and varied diet and is prepared as directed

Our Karicare Stage 3 Sachets are a useful way to try Karicare to see if it’s right for your baby. They also offer convenience for those times when you need to feed on the go

Step 1:

  • Wash hands before preparing the feed. Wash and rinse cup and all utensils thoroughly.

Step 2:

  • CONSULT FEEDING GUIDE. Tear the top off the sachet and pour all the powder into water.

Step 3:

  • CONSULT FEEDING GUIDE. Tear the top off the sachet and pour all the powder into water.


Whether you’re new to formula feeding or have plenty of experience, our Careline team is on hand to help answer any questions you have.

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