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Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQs

What are the benefits of breast feeding?
Milk Choice / Comparison of milk: I’m thinking of using a formula for my baby, how do I choose which one is right for him/her?
Product transitioning: I want to change formula stage or formula type. When and how should I do this to have minimal impact on my baby?
Product use and information: How do I mix up the formula correctly for my baby?
Nutritional needs: How much formula does my baby need to drink?
Poos: What should my baby’s poo look like?
What is a scorched milk particle?

Karicare A2 Protein Milk FAQs

What is Beta Casein?
What products are in the Karicare A2 Protein Milk range?
What are the ingredients in the A2 Protein milk?
How much Karicare A2 Protein Milk formula do I need?
What is the shelf life of Karicare A2 Protein Milk?
When and where will the Karicare A2 Protein Milk be available?
Do I need to transition my baby to the Karicare A2 Protein Milk?
Where can I find more information?
Where do we source our A2 Protein Milk?

Bottled Up Series

What’s the Bottled Up series all about?
Why did we start the Bottled Up series?
What if I need more information on a sleep or fussy eating issue, or any other parenting topic?
Are these real parents and real issues?

Karicare Gold Plus+ Organic FAQs

What is the benefit of using Karicare Gold Plus+ Organic?
How is Karicare Gold Plus+ Organic different from a standard cows’ milk?
What makes this product Organic and Grass Fed?
What is the benefit of using organic and grass-fed milk?
How is Karicare Gold Plus+ Organic the World’s First Certified Organic and Certified Grass Fed?
What is the shelf life and pack size of the Karicare Gold Plus+ Organic milk?
What stages will be available?
What is the new top-tainer packaging
Karicare Gold Plus+ Organic Toddler Milk is going carbon neutral. Can you give me more information?
What does it mean to be carbon neutral?
Can I serve Karicare Family cold?

Karicare Family Milks FAQs

Why have you developed the Karicare Family formulation? What is the benefit?
What stages are available?
What is the shelf life and pack size?
Where is the Karicare Family made?
What is the age group suitable for Karicare Family?
Is there an upper age limit for Karicare Family?
What does ‘fortified milk powder’ mean?
What is the difference between Karicare Family and standard cow’s milk?
In case the child is already consuming a toddler milk drink, what will be the advice?
Does this product contain sugar?
Do you add any flavouring in the formula? What can I do if my child is refusing it due to the taste?
How do I prepare the drink?
Can I serve Karicare Family cold?
How many serves (250ml drink) can I make from one tin of Karicare Family?
How long can I use the tin for once it is opened?
Do I need to keep the powder in the fridge (as it contains probiotics)?

Scorched milk particles: why they occur and what you need to know FAQ

What is a scorched milk particle?
What does a scorched milk particle look like?
What are scorched milk particles and how are they formed?
How do I know if it’s a scorched milk particle?
Is the formula still safe to use?
Where do I go for more information?
Quality and Controls
Safe preparation of infant formula
Safe storage of infant formula
Statement, 11th of August 2023
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