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Concerned child
6 common concerns you may have about your baby
Even healthy babies can have feeding and digestion problems. Misunderstanding the signs and treating the symptoms can get in the way of a happy household.
Baby with cloth nappies on the beach
Which modern cloth nappies are best for your baby?
With every bundle of joy comes around 6,000 slightly less joyful nappy changes and during the first six months, you’ll probably be looking at up to 12 soiled diapers every single day.
Dinosaurs in a tin
6 Karicare craft ideas for kids
As your little one becomes an active explorer – testing out their abilities and seeking out new experiences – they’ll want to get into everything, including the Karicare Toddler Milk Drink tin.
Parent with kid in the grass
Positive parenting: embrace being ‘good enough’
Whether you’re an expectant parent carrying a growing bump around, or caring for baby number one, two or three, everybody wants to give their little one the best start possible.
Family sitting in the living room
10 tips for organising your stay-at-home life
We know that in this particular time of confinement, a lot of questions are arising on how to organise family life, when we’re balancing working from home with children home from school and toddlers running around.
kid playing at home
5 fun games to play at home
Days can be long in our current environment. Playing games is critical to developing a child’s imagination.
Baby smiling outside
Coronavirus myths vs facts
The Coronavirus can be transmitted everywhere, including places with hot and humid weather. That’s why it’s important to follow the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) tips to protect yourself and your baby from Coronavirus wherever you live or might be traveling to.
sleeping newborn baby
How to keep your baby awake during feeds
In a newborn’s delicate sleep routine, one of the trickiest things to negotiate is keeping them awake during feeds. Here’s why it’s important and how to do it.
self care new parents
Self-care for new parents
With a new baby at home, remembering to take care of yourself can often fall down the list of priorities. We get it. Here are the things you can do to make life at home a bit smoother during the first few months.
first birthday party
How to throw a first birthday party
Your baby’s first birthday is a milestone occasion, and you might want to celebrate this rite of passage with a party. Well, the good news is that little ones are (relatively) easy to entertain. Here are a few simple ideas to make your toddler’s first birthday a memorable occasion.
Mother and kids cuddling
How to manage your child and yourself through stressful times
The World Health Organisation (WHO) has come up with some simple tips and techniques to help you manage stress for yourself and your child, so that you can both feel alleviated and have one less thing to worry about.
Sleeping toddler
5 sleep Kari-tips for your little one
The beginning of your child’s life can be overwhelming. Disrupted sleep is a common side effect of this period. Here are five simple Kari-tips to help both you and your little one get the rest you need.
raising a baby with your partner
Teamwork works: raising a baby with your partner
After becoming a parent, partners of new mums often feel a little useless, or like there’s no clear way to contribute. Their lives and relationships also transform significantly. They might turn to work as a way to cope, leaving the onus on mums to care for the baby at home.
newborn baby sleep routine
Newborn routine: Feed, play, sleep, repeat
Establishing a pattern in your baby’s day can help keep them settled. Whether you start with play or feed, sticking to a routine that ends with sleep helps them to adjust to what is happening and know what to expect next.
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