Souvenaid is proven
to slow memory and
cognitive decline by 60%

in the early stage of Alzheimer's disease known as
mild cognitive impairment when taken daily over 3 years1

How does Souvenaid® work?

Souvenaid® is a medical nutrition drink that contains a unique blend of ingredients known as Fortasyn® Connect. Souvenaid® provides the key nutritional building blocks to support the growth of brain connections. Taken daily for at least 6 months, Souvenaid supports memory function in early Alzheimers disease. Use under medical supervision.


Souvenaid® is a medical nutrition drink that is special formulated to support memory function in the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease.

Powered by Fortasyn® Connect, a unique combination of nutrients formulated to support the growth of brain connections

Available in 125ml ready to drink liquid

Backed by 20 years of evidence based research, supported by an extensive ongoing research program.

3 delicious flavours available

See real life success stories

Follow the stories of people who are using Souvenaid® to help them love the lives they want.

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